pm programs


What is Preventative Maintenance?

Preventive maintenance (PM) consists of scheduled servicing, inspections, and repairs to prevent potential problems and maximize service life of your cooling tower. It is used in fleet management to proactively avoid or reduce breakdowns. Why you need Planned maintenance

  1. To extend the service life of your tower

  2. Saves you time and money by preventing  problems that can occur in the future. Our P.M. Program Services Include • Each system will receive 1 annual comprehensive inspections spaced out equally throughout the year.

  3. Observation of equipment in operation for vibration, noise, and to assure it is in proper operation.

  4. Inspect fan blade condition, blade track, and pitch setting, adjust as required.

  5. Inspect drive shaft condition and hardware for security, including flexible yoke and guards.

  6. Inspect hub cover and attaching hardware for condition and security, replace as needed.

  7. Check all mechanical support hardware for condition & security.

  8. Drain gear oil and refill with new gear oil.

  9. Inspect oil lubrication drain lines. Replace as needed.

  10. Inspect gear bearings and gear mesh for proper operation.

  11. Observation of equipment on shutdown by electrical disconnect-this verifies disconnection is functional and if vibration, noise, etc. exists as equipment free wheels to a stop. Contact to schedule your preventative maintenance service, or free inspection & evaluation.